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Mirfield Library

About Us

The Friends of Mirfield Library are an apolitical voluntary group of Mirfield residents working on behalf of all Mirfield residents to protect, safeguard and retain a library in Mirfield. We feel very strongly that a library is an essential, not a luxury, consequently, Mirfield needs its Library.

There’s a real risk of losing our library and the Friends of Mirfield library are working hard to raise public and political awareness to prevent closure. If they are successful in preventing the closure, then the Library Service will need volunteers to help run the service. Your help is needed. Think about it and then contact the Library to find out more.

Why Are We Doing This ?

Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland in 1835. He emigrated to America where he made a vast fortune in the steel industry. History knows him, not for just being the billionaire he so obviously was, but as a generous philanthropist. He devoted his life and his billions to libraries, education and scientific research.

The challenge faced by Mirfield library today is to continue to be the kind of place Andrew Carnegie envisaged when he founded and funded public libraries. Carnegie considered that libraries should be:

• Places that give people a chance, a second chance and even a third chance.
• Places that serve and improve the communities they are based in.
• Places that respond to the needs of the local people, by giving them the opportunity to live fuller lives, make more of what they have, discover new worlds and aspire to greater things.

All this may sound a little ‘old fashioned’ in the 21st century, but the basic principles remain and still apply to Mirfield Library.

To respond to the changing needs of the 21st century all libraries are changing and they must continue to change. Libraries must be brave, innovative, and show how they are doing things which really make a difference to their community.

It is also very important to remind those who hold the purse strings about the importance of libraries. To show them how, in the long term, the Library service can help save money by supporting and improving the wellbeing of the community it serves.

Libraries are known to have a great impact on the wellbeing of the community by being:

• A Social hub – providing services for the elderly, promoting health awareness, connecting people through social activities etc
• A Cultural centre – book clubs, access to CD’s, DVD’s, exhibition space for arts and crafts, local and family history, printing services etc
• An Education / learning hub – books, a safe place for homework, I.T training, Mums & Tods, reading, assistance with learning difficulties and dyslexia etc
• Giving Economic access – advice on benefits, CAB, employment, local authority, tourist office, computer skills etc

We’re faced with the closure of Mirfield Library, so the Friends are working hard to ensure that our Library remains at the heart of Mirfield for years to come.

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